Open Days 2024

This year the Germans Trias Hospital’s open day will be held in a double format: face-to-face and virtual.

► Face-to-face session

Next Wednesday, March 20you will be able to attend the face-to-face open-door session that will be held in the auditorium of the Hospital, from 9 am until 12 am, in order to obtain information about the options offered by the Germans Trias during the years of residence. To attend the session, it is neccesary to complete this form.


Virutal sessions

In addition, different virtual meetings will also be held, from March 4 to 8, about each of the specialties where you can talk and ask about all the doubts you have directly with the current residents of the Hospital. In the coming days the calendar will be uploaded with all the schedules of the meetings. To attend the virtual sessions, prior registration is mandatory in this link.

You can check the schedule for virtual sessions:


► Discover the experience of the current residents

During these days, you will also be able to delve into each of the healthcare services that make up the Hospital and learn from its current residents the spaces where you will work, the routines that you will follow and, in general, your day to day as future residents of the Germans Trias, through a set of videos that we will be uploading on Youtube, X and Instagram.



You can get more information about the Residence at the Hospital by accessing the following link.

For any questions, send an email to